Communications is no game

Rob Johnson Communications is part of RJ47 LLC, an Illinois-based Limited Liability Company that provides services to a vast spectrum of clients on a consultant basis.

Clients include an international industrial firm, a financial services company, an education organization, a Chicago labor union, major construction firm, local not-for-profits.

and the list keeps growing. We also regularly partner with other PR firms to help them with messaging and crisis communications issues.

RJ47 LLC is asked and agrees to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDAs) with most of our clients, who prefer that our work remains confidential.

We will price our work by the project, hourly, or monthly retainer.

As a smaller firm we try to be aggressive on pricing, making sure the client gets

the best value possible.

RJ47 LLC consistently provides work pro-bono for some of our not-for-profit clients.